A Major Edition

By request, larger cards, tea-stained cotton, gilded gouache, each unique, “Twenty-Two” is a very limited set of trump cards from the Playing Marseille.

Comparing Worlds

3 x 4.75" compared to the smaller, 2.25 x 3.5" bridge-sized Playing Marseille.

To each their own

This limited series of packs is a color study. No two packs will use the exact same pallet. Some packs might be muted, others vibrant, some in-between. In this way, each one is specially unique. There are no requests for specific colors. Enjoy the surprise!


  • 22 cards, measuring 3″x 4.75″
  • 140 lbs (300 gsm) Canson Arches hot pressed, 100% cotton, watercolor paper
  • Cotton stock tea-stained with mugwort
  • Linework digitally printed
  • Individually hand colored with unique pallete
  • Each pack signed and numbered
  • Edition of only 22 unique packs

$220/ea – SOLD OUT