SOLD OUT: Stay Tuned for a mass-market published edition.

The French Suits Tarot

The Playing Marseille is a deck inspired by the classic Tarot de Marseille, with a spin. The traditional Italian suits have been replaced by the classic French Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, and Spades for a pack of cards that reintroduces the Tarot with playing card cartomancy.

Boxed in Cedar

Each pack comes with a sliding top cedar box, stamped in gold with the Emperor’s sigil.

Coloring outside the lines

Each card is painted by hand with watercolor and gouache. Colors set outside the lines to mimic 17th and 18th century stenciling. Making each pack specially unique.

A Tarot for Tableaus

With it’s simpler pips and smaller bridge-sized cards, Playing Marseille is perfect for using in a tableau like playing cards or Lenormand. Use the versatility and familiarity of Tarot with the specificity of playing card cartomancy for a symphony of a story.


  • 78 cards, measuring 2.25″x 3.5″
  • 140 lbs (300 gsm) Canson Arches hot pressed, 100% cotton, watercolor paper
  • Linework digitally printed
  • Individually hand colored
  • Hand cut
  • Each pack signed and numbered
  • Packaged in cedar wood box
  • Edition of 100 packs