For those that have followed my Kickstarter, thank you! Plans have changed, and I think for the better. Tonight I canceled the campaign. Below was the update I posted.



Again, I appreciate everybody who has backed or shared this campaign. Unfortunately, Kickstarter is all about momentum, and simply didn’t gain enough traction. Many reasons, in hindsight.

Many people voiced similar thoughts to my own, more focus with less decks, promote more, cheaper decks. In short it was likely a combination of all three. Regardless, the lessons are worth as much as the campaign itself.

And on to Plan B.


Available now is the Maybe Lenormand: Limited Edition. The pack is still hand painted, packaged in a wooden box (planned stretch goal), however it is not letter-pressed. This change in spec allowed me to start production right away and lower the price point to $125 with free shipping before November 26. Edition of 360.

My intention is to put any proceeds from the Maybe into production of the Playing Marseille this spring. It will allow to develop the illustrations further with the luxury of more focus.

Here’s to the next thing. All my best,