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The Petit Lenormand is a 36-card pictorial playing card pack used for fortune telling since the 19th century. Using simple illustrations to spell out sentences, it’s not far off to equate it to a set of victorian-era emoji. One that many say can give very practical and specific replies.





The Maybe Lenormand follows this tradition and folklore as honorably as possible, with one slight twist. It has 52 cards.





The Maybe Lenormand adds pips 2-5 of each suit, 16 in total, for card numbers 37-52. These are entirely optional, and can be removed leaving a perfectly traditional Petit Lenormand in hand to read.



Maybe it's a Lenormand. Maybe it's not.

Added Cards 37-52

These cards are derived from the 'Gypsy Witch' and 'Old Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards' among others from an off-shoot lineage of decks.



In honor of some of the first Lenormand decks, the limited edition is individually colored by hand. This makes every deck especially unique. Please note, on occasion the color may not sit perfectly within the lines of the illustration, hopefully adding to its charm.




The Maybe Lenormand fits snug inside a small pine box, stained and finished with a gold stamp of the Sun card.




  • 52 cards, measuring 2″x 3″
  • 140 lbs (300 gsm) Canson Arches hot pressed, 100% cotton, watercolor paper
  • Linework digitally printed
  • Individually hand watercolored
  • Hand cut
  • Each card initialled
  • Each pack signed and numbered
  • Edition of 360 packs

Quotes & Reviews

It’s exactly how all divinatory art should be, namely, make itself timelessly relevant.

Camelia Elias – Author, Marseille Tarot: Towards the Art of Reading


Mary K. Greer – Author, 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card

I am truly in love with this deck.

Rana George – Author, The Essential Lenormand

The deck is stunning, showing a great understanding of cartomancy.

Andy Boroveshengra – Author, 36 Cards

I have soul connected with this remarkable deck.

Donnaleigh de LaRose – Host, Beyond Worlds Podcast